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Acquisition Criteria 

We have over 20 years experience in financing & executing transactions.

We believe that the SME sector is underserved in creating fair transactional value and their is a multitude of shareholders looking to exit.

We have access to finance from our own funds, a private equity fund, plus a wide range of commercial funders and a network of high net worth investors for the right deals.

In the current economic climate, virtually all private businesses are bought in two phases:

An initial payment normally paid on the day of legal completion and then a portion of the agreed sale price on a deferred basis, typically between 12-48 months.

Our business model is structured in a way to minimise risk and over exposure, it is rare to have all the value up front because of the risks associated with private businesses, especially in these unknown times.

We focus on ensuring as much of the cash you have built up in your business is returned to you at the point of completion.

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We look for businesses that have the following key attributes 

Consistent and stable revenues
Good Net margins
Potential growth opportunities
Established for longer than 5 years
Minimal Debt
3 or less shareholders
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